Fatboy Slim Brighton Beach Party July 2002 video



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It was mad. Rino is the main guy. Kirsty's there as well as Kev, a friend of Rino’s. Von left early, it was clearly too much for her. But I wasn’t gonna miss out!

It got very very crowded soon after, they expected 60,000 but Monday newspapers estimated up to 250,000! "That's the population of Brighton and Hove all on the seafront!" said one cabbie.

As we were walking, trying to find a place to settle, we walked across a stream of water. Looking back to the source it wasn't water, there were several blokes pissin up against the wall!

Seedy people kept walking past saying “Pills, pills, pills”. The crowd were well souped up. They were great bopping to the music, that is until they were all jumping. Imagine being shoulder cramped in with 249,999 people around you, all jumping. Dangerous!!! It shows when I was zooming and trying to focus, I was jumped and bumped badly.

Music was great. Others said it was shite from anywhere expect in front of the stage. Really cool tunes. I loved how he mixed in the police helicopter as it hovered above. Norm did a brill job.

I wanted to film getting out and the aftermath along the seafront home. But I couldn’t get my arms out or there were too many drunks. Brighton was littered all the way to the North Laines.

Thousands of people couldn’t get onto the last 23:02 train either so hundreds were asleep on the beach the next morning.

The beach between the 2 piers was said to have broken glass for at least another 5 years as they can’t sort it from the pebbles. Norm funded a massive cleanup and for the next few years I never heard anyone being cut. The local Argus would've made it front page if there was.

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